Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Snugglebunnies

The first fall weather has hit, making it perfect snugglebunny weather!  Daddy invited Jeremy and I to partake:
while Rosie and Kitty had separate but equal snuggles going on:
and Charlie snuggled in his snuggle-sack:
Happy Sunday!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dog Fest, Redox

 A few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy went to visit the chimps.  Auntie Nessa stayed with us and brought Hunter and Bunny to play with me.  This weekend, Auntie Nessa went away and left B&H with her brother.  They were NOT happy.  Who can blame them?  They were not at my house.  Anyway, Daddy went to rescue them and now we're all together, except for Rosie.  Since Hunter and Rosie don't get along, Rosie is next store with Mr. Kelly.

Yesterday, while Mommy worked, we tried to get some playtime started.  At first things were slow...
then the pace picked up:
Since it's Sunday morning, we're all currently relaxitating.  I put off my nap to post this, but I'd better get to it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

House Guest

Mommy brought home this thing last week.  I'd smelled it before, when she was working at the wildlife center, although this one is a bit more...pungent.  That means Extra Smelly.  He lives in a cage in our dining room because if we put him in a room away from us, he gets very upset.  He makes a very loud noise which makes all of us bark.  I admit, it's kind of exciting.  He made the sound the other day when Mommy sneezed.  I guess it scared him! 

Here is a picture of me sniffing him:
and one of his cage:
If you look closely, you'll see his wicker hut at the top (it's on its side because he kept knocking if over when we had it there).  You should see it now--he's chewed half of it up! 

Mommy said that Charlie (our house guest) is a dog, but I don't think he looks much like us.  He doesn't go on walkies and he eats green things.  What do you think he is?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sleepies

Mommy read her book while everyone else slept.  Pictures of Charlie came out dark and Rosie was in her room, but the rest of us were photogenic as ever.  You can see that Daddy is holding onto Jeremy's tail like a blankie and my paws are poking out from under the covers.

Here you can see that Annika also slept nearby.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hunter is Bunny's older brother/uncle?  Anyway, he lives with Auntie Nessa's mom.  He's a big scaredy cat and Rosie scares the poop out of him (literally).  The last time he came over, he not only pooped on the floor, he pushed open the gate and ran away.  Silly Hunter!  He never sits still, so it's tough to get a good picture of him:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Scaredy Cuddles

Sometimes I get a little nervous over at Auntie Edit's house.  There are a lot of big dogs roaming around, sniffing my tiny head.  I try to stay out of the way, mainly by jumping up on the couch.  Here's Mommy cuddling me to chase away the scareds:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Dog

Just one more reason I am a very good dog.  I never get up on the table.

Not like some mastiffs, who shall remain nameless.  **Ahem**cruiser**.