Sunday, May 31, 2015

Post-Vacation Nap

Mommy and Daddy went away again!  This time, instead of Auntie Nessa staying over, Mommy dropped me off at Snow's house.  I felt overjoyed to be there and immediately began to play with Snow, Henry and Roo.  Aunt Miranda told Mommy that Henry didn't want me to go home, but when Mommy came to pick me up I wagged and wagged.

And then I slept.

I woke up just enough to give Mommy the side eye.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When Octopuses Attack!

Our brand new octopus, which Mommy already restuffed and sewed up once, attacked us!  Jeff and I had to rip one of its legs off and then nose into the hole that created and destuff it.  It was a dangerous situation, but we prevailed.

You can see the stuffing on the floor and also on the bed.  It's kind of like stuffing vomit!  Jeremy didn't actually help us, but he's obviously very happy that we killed that octi.  Daddy only woke up when Mommy came in and started laughing.  Not sure how he slept through all the ruckus but Daddy does have amazing sleeping abilities.

You can see the actual octopus shell up by Mommy's pillow.  It's blue and purple.  Mommy's letting us play with it, which is okay, since it still has seven legs to bite!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back Yard Fun

All sorts of interesting things happened in the back yard this week.  Mommy made some new raised beds AND some bees tried to make a hive in the compost tumbler.

First Mommy made towers of blocks, which Jeff and I had to inspect:

Everything seems in order!

When she built the first one, it turned out like this:

Then she built a second one, which is shorter but taller, and filled them with veggies (ucky patooie!). 

The bee lady came to see if she could capture the bees.  We had to watch from inside the house because Mommy was afraid Jeff might try to eat them, or just get in the way.  Hmmph.

She put them in a box and drove away.  I wonder where they ended up!  Did she mail them to somebody?  That would be a very buzzzzzy package to receive.

And the bonus to the week:

Squirrel jerky that Snow dug out of the compost and Jeff brought inside to snack on.  Yummy!