Tuesday, December 30, 2014


My new friends Jeylan and Johnny came over with a little Lulu-like dog named Basil.  Basil is small and quiet and super soft.  He was also scared, but I kind of liked him.  I really liked Jeylan!

Jeff Buckley tried to oust me from her lap, but I am the master lapsitter, as you can see.  That is Basil sticking out of Johnny's arm.  Isn't he wee & sweet?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Little Brother!

I am both happy and unhappy to announce the arrival of my little brother, Jeff Buckley!  The reasons I am happy include

He likes to play:

He's littler than me so I can boss him around...sort of:

He let me keep my nap spot:

The reasons I am unhappy include

He's a little puppy brat who bites me (no pictures)

He gets a lot of attention because he's pretty cute:
Hmmph.  Well, I guess he can stay...for now.