Saturday, April 23, 2016

Brave Sir Robin

We have a new dog friend staying with us.  Her name is Robin and she's awfully cute.  In fact, I'm super duper jealous! 

Mommy says she's a teeny tiny terrier harrier to the cat, because she barks at her a lot.  Annika just ignores her so we do too.  I don't know that she's actually brave, maybe just dumb, but that sounds mean so we'll stick with brave.  Maybe I'll let her borrow my knight costume!

She's kind of a strange dog, though.  She won't play with us, or with Mommy or Daddy.  Also, she likes to sit up on top of the couches and Daddy's chair like Annika.  Does she think she's a cat?

She does like to sun herself with Jeff Buckley, though.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our Royal Status

I've heard the Queen of England refers to herself as "we", so I figured I should follow suit.  I mean, we should follow suit.  Pronouns are tricky!

Mommy was playing with one of her birthday tiaras today, trying to put it on all of us.  I am a princess, you know, but I don't really like things on my head that aren't ears.  I tried, though.  I tried!

After that I was DONE.  So Mommy took the feathery thing off my head and put it on Jeremy.  He didn't mind so much!

I guess tiaras are more his thing.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Everyone who's met me knows that I am a cuddler!  As soon as you sit down, I'm on your lap, cuddling.  At night, I do my best to cuddle between Mommy and Daddy.  When Daddy takes naps, I'm right there with him. 

The other morning, I was cuddling with Mommy on the couch, when this happened:

At first I got mad, and I thought I might pull Jeff's hair.  I started licking him and he just...leaned into it.  So we ended up cuddling for a long time.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Dog TV

We LOVE to watch TV!  It's not like Mommy and Daddy's little black tv, it's real.  It's right outside our window "screen".  It features such shows as Squealie Squirrels, Squawkin' Jays, Bad Dogs Who Need to Leave Now, and My Enemy: the Mailman.  Some comedies, some dramas. 

Mommy caught us watching the other day:

Gotta go--my show's on!