Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our Royal Status

I've heard the Queen of England refers to herself as "we", so I figured I should follow suit.  I mean, we should follow suit.  Pronouns are tricky!

Mommy was playing with one of her birthday tiaras today, trying to put it on all of us.  I am a princess, you know, but I don't really like things on my head that aren't ears.  I tried, though.  I tried!

After that I was DONE.  So Mommy took the feathery thing off my head and put it on Jeremy.  He didn't mind so much!

I guess tiaras are more his thing.


  1. NOW I understand Ranger's fb comment, Pixie! I should have read your post 1st.

  2. I think the Facebook post came before I wrote this, but I'm glad you're all caught up.