Monday, February 16, 2015

Lizard Hunting

On Saturday, Mommy let us play outside for a long time.  Annika came out and showed us how to hunt lizards. 

I was skeptical.

Jeff, however, was intensely focused on learning all he could from Kitty.

Annika insisted that the lizard had crawled under the tarp, so we tried to surround it to root it out.

But I never saw it.  I think it got away.  Wait, is that it?

Nope.  Just a piece of bark. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Backyard Race Day

Jeff took birthday monkey out in the yard today to get me to chase him.  It worked!  We had so much fun wrestling and racing that Mommy came out to take some photos.  Here's one:

Can you see my ears going flappity flap?

In this one you can see that we're actually chasing:

Then Mommy drove off to work.  A few hours later, she came home and loaded us in the car to go talk to the weird window again.  That part was boring but she drove with the windows open so we got lots of breeze.  It was so nice that we were quiet the whole way (no fighting!).  I am soooo happy today.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cult of Lobsty

Since I was small, I have belonged to the Cult of Lobsty.  Lobsty is a constant in my life of worshipping toys.

This is actually the very first Lobsty, Lobsty I.  He was blue and I loved him.

Lobsty III is red, just like Lobsty II.  One of the reasons I worship him is because he has lots of braided legs, a stuffed body, and little felt bits, all of which are great to grab onto for a game of tug.  He has heft, but isn't awkward to carry, like Octy-puss. 

Jeff is a new convert:

I'm so happy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Living Room

Mommy moved the living room furniture around yesterday, which was very confusing.  When she was done, though, I realized that Something Wonderful had happened.  Mommy was much more available for playtimes and snuggles.

Here's Jeff snuggling:

and here's me thinking about getting a toy to play with:

I like it!