Saturday, October 31, 2009


Auntie Nessa came over today with my bff, Bunny. Everything was going well. We were playing and relaxing while they did some sort of craft project. Mommy was grading papers.

Then the afternoon took a sinister turn. First, Bunny was attacked. You can see her reaction was...unpleasant.

It took some time to subdue her.

Next, Jeremy's turn.

I wasn't too worried. Why would they try to turn me into a flower? I am already as sweet as I can be, right? Wrong, so wrong.

At least my costume looked more like a jester than a flower. Small miracles, right?
We all went out for a walk. Bunny managed to break her flower right away.

Although they let us take our costumes off for a bit, they tried their costumes on us. I was not amused,

but Jeremy took it in stride.

We had to wear the flower power outfits while kids came to visit me. I wasn't sure what that was about about, but it was delightful. Mommy and Daddy gave them candy for visiting. Maybe it was my birthday!


  1. Oh Pixie, you were darling in mommy's costume wig! Where are the photos of mommy & daddy trying to look like you & jeremy?

  2. Haha, Auntie Kim. Mommy only posted those on facebook!