Saturday, December 26, 2009

There are bows, and there are Bows

Mommy took us to get our hair cut earlier this week. I don't know what got into my hair stylist's head, but after he finished the job, he put Bows on my ears.

Now, I am a tomboy, through and through, despite the pink coat Daddy insists I wear when it's cold. However, I did not let those bows get in the way of my playtimes.

Jeremy, on the other hand, likes bows. Or at least he does when Mommy lets him sit in her lap.

Kitty (no picture available, natch), spun her head around and spat like Regan in the Exorcist when Mommy tried to bow her. Snow moves so fast that she got a butt bow and immediately lost it. Snow knows how stockings work. As soon as Daddy got hers out, she started pawing and biting it until she found out what was inside.

We played for a long time with the new Lobsty and a new, non-amputee Monkey. Then we went for a car ride and a long walk where I got to bark at birds (although Mommy wouldn't let me chase them in the lake), so it was a pretty great Christmas.

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  1. Pixie, you look great in those very tomboyish bows (red is not a girlie color, btw, good choice says "Choice")! Looking forward to photos of you & the new lobsty & monkey. love, auntie Baa Baa (aka Kimmer)