Saturday, January 9, 2010


Phew, that was a long week. Mommy was at home for two straight weeks and then all of a sudden **poof** she's gone.

We live in southeast Texas, where "cold" is usually measured at 40 degrees fahrenheit. The weather guys on TV kept saying that it was going to get really cold, so Mommy and Daddy took us to the store to buy a new jacket for me. We tried on a whole bunch of them. They finally gave up and bought a new sweater because the jackets were all too big or had hoods. I don't do hoods. My sweater is pink (bleh) and has blingy sequins (ick) AND an appliqued snowman (my eyes, my beautiful eyes). Every time I have to wear it, I stand still in protest and make Mommy or Daddy pull me outside. Once we're walking, though, I forget all about it and have fun.

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