Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Mommy and Daddy were gone for almost 3 weeks. I still can't believe they left me behind! However, before they left Snow came over for a while. She's great at getting Mommy to let us outside.

This was before she took us to the groomers and they cut off ALL of my fur. I was practically bald, even my feet.

Instead of that, let's see some pictures from India.

Here's one of the stinky dogs, Sumo, getting brushed by Grandpa.

I can't believe there aren't any pictures of my cousins Cadju (spelling?) and Bingo, so look at this monkey scratching his (oops, her) butt:

I will leave you with one of the big kitties who live outside instead of having their own room in the house.


  1. Do the tigers eat the dogs? Scary!

  2. Those big kitties will eat anything. They will even steal food from crocodiles.