Monday, July 19, 2010

New Camera

Grandpa and Grandma got us a new camera, so we have lots of new pictures to share!

When they first came home, Mommy was sick, so we spent time lying on the bed while Daddy unpacked. Mommy's pig neck pillow had some taste on it so I licked it for her.

You can see the new bedspread they brought back for us. It contrasts nicely with our fur, especially Jeremy's.

Then, over the 4th of July, Lulu came to stay for a whole week! At first she was nervous but we convinced her that Jeremy would scare away all of the monsters.

Here is his "I don't put up with any crap" face:

Miss Reba came to visit. She took care of us while our parents were in India. I have her thank you kisses.

Last night, Auntie and Uncle finally came to visit. We always go to their house, which is nice because of the car ride, but we wanted them to see our toys. Turns out, Auntie is Annika's favorite.

She gives amazing kitty back scratches.

I need to go take my nap, so that is all for now.


  1. That is a lovely pic of Jeremy: he manages to look fierce and handsome simultaneously! And I can certainly understand why Pixie would want to lick Mommy's pillow... after all, Choice will do almost anything to plop herself down where Mommy's butt was 10 seconds ago. Clearly Pixie & Choice are related!

  2. I think that must be a case of nurture, not nature. I have seen pictures of Choice and she looks nothing like me!