Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am suspicious

Daddy promised me a big giant treat walk car ride. This is the look I gave him:

Clearly I do not trust Daddy. He likes to tease me by saying "Bath Time!" and letting me get all scared, because I Do Not Want a Bath Ever. I want to believe him, especially when a car ride treat walk is involved, but my face won't stop looking like this:

Hmph. I will continue to be suspicious until he stops teasing me.

1 comment:

  1. The pictures of Jeremy are priceless! I rolled on the couch LMTO (Laughing My Tail Off)! And Pixie, you are still cute, but you are right not to trust Daddy. Those clippers will come closer and closer and pretty soon you will end up with no fur at all. My mommy gives me a bath twice a month whether I need it or not (and usually I don't need it!) and I think she does it just to torture me. I am relieved that there are no clippers in my house or mommy might cut off all my fur, too. How awful. Love from your cuz, Choice