Friday, December 30, 2011

Embarrassing Photos

The kind of photos that make you go, "Oh, Mom! Ugh!" I am eminently photogenic, but every once in a while I'm captured in a less than flattering light. I think Mommy was trying to show off her new tea towel from Auntie Amy and Auntie Baba.

Oh gawd.


  1. Pixie, do you regularly dry Mommy & Daddy's martini glasses? 'Cause I'm guessing they don't do "tea"! Too bad you're not a CAT - at least in my house, cats don't do dishes. Miao!

  2. Mommy said to tell you she drinks more tea than you'd imagine, and apparently less alcohol than you think.

  3. Hi Pixie, I'm sorry if I offended you or Auntie Roo. I know that my mommy likes "tea" towels because they don't leave lint behind on her wine glasses.

    I hope you will remember that computer mediated communication sucks because less than 7% of the intended message is communicated. Even telephone mediated communication is less than 45%! The only way to really communicate is to be in the same room, and sadly, we live too far apart to do that. Maybe sometime we should try a videochat. You wrap up in a tea towel, and I'll wear a pashmina, and we can pretend to be posh. Lots of love from your cuz, Choice