Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rosie's Human Boyfriend

Rosie likes living here okay, but when Mommy and Daddy went to India, she stayed with our neighbors, Mr. Ken and Mr. Kelly.

Rosie didn't really want to come home. See, over there she spent most her time playing in the backyard with Lulu, her BFF. The rest of the time she spent on the couch, hanging out with her friends. She sulked for two days when she came home.

Daddy convinced Mr. Ken and Mr. Kelly to come visit. This is what happened:

Really, Rosie? That's kind of...icky.


  1. It sounds like Mr. Ken and Mr. Kelly have more to offer Rosie - more attention, more space, more time, and a BFF all built-in! Poor Rosie. Pixie, you should be nicer to an old lady. One day you will wake up and you will be the old girl.

  2. I know. We asked Mr. Kelly if he wanted to let Rosie live with him, but he said no. We try to be extra nice to her!