Thursday, May 31, 2012

Should I Cut My Hair?

Sometimes I keep my ears long, but then I get an itch and chop them all off.  Well, usually Mommy or Daddy cuts them because I have snarls and dreadlocks.  Anyhoo, here's an old picture of me with short ears.  Cute, right?


  1. Thanks, Auntie Kimmer. Paws crossed that I get to see you at Christmas. You should see all the gifts Mommy fits into my hello kitty stocking!

  2. Too cute for words, Pixie! Just don't think you've cornered the market on cuteness, though... I have a good bit of my own. My mommies dote on me like you wouldn't believe!

  3. Oh, I believe it, since you're an only pet. I have to share the love with three others.