Tuesday, December 18, 2012


**Annika Guest Post**
Dear Readers,
You may know about cats and beds.  We make our beds wherever and whenever it is convenient and comfortable for us.  If a surface is warm, soft or both, we will make our beds there.  Laps are good, but laps with warm computers are better. 

One of my beds is the couch pillow behind my human's head.  It's warm and soft and has the added advantage of being above everyone else, which helps me show my dominance of the situation.  Yesterday, the human had placed her reading material (pulp mystery novel--pttui!) upon my pillow.  Rather than knock it away, I chose rather to make myself comfortable around it.  I think it rather makes the point, don't you?

She moved it soon after, which restored my resting spot to its perfect state.

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