Friday, August 9, 2013

Catching Up

Hi, friends.

I'm back from vacation, so yay!  In February, Auntie Val came over and we piled on her to keep her warm:

That was right around Mommy's birthday.  Nothing much happened for a while, but then at Easter, we helped Auntie Edit dye Easter eggs.  She had a blast!

This was my favorite egg.  I think Daddy made it!

Then sad things started happening.  Rosie kept scaring Mommy and biting her.  Jeremy and I tried to protect everyone, bit I was scared, too.  We visited Auntie Edit's house and I played with all the toys:

 and Rosie found a rawhide:

 Helgie and Rowan shared it with her, even though it was theirs.  That part wasn't sad, but a few days later, Rosie went away and didn't come home again.  That was the sad part.  Mommy and Daddy cried a lot, and we wondered where she was.  After a few days, though, Jeremy and I decided that we would act totally normal so that Mommy and Daddy would feel better.  It worked!

OK, that's a few months' pictures and stories.  Soon I will tell you all about Grandma and Grandpa's visit!

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