Friday, February 7, 2014

Need Pine Cones, STAT!

This has been a long, long winter.  I don't mind the cold weather, but the pine cones went missing months ago.  Every day I search in the usual places and only once in a great while do I find one.  Sometimes Mommy resorts to stealing some from the forest at work because I am so pitiful.

Whenever I do find one, I chase it for a long time, but eventually I end up chewing it up.  Yesterday I found a piece of one I'd only part-way chewed, so I got to chase it again until it fell apart.  Mommy took some pictures:

and a very similar, but different in one important way photo:

Can you spot the difference?  In the first, I got distracted and looked to my left.  In the second, laser focus on Pine Cone!

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