Sunday, July 20, 2014

Visiting: the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

We've been to Auntie Edit and Uncle Jason's place twice this month!  The first time was the 4th of July, or as Jeremy, Maple and Rowan call it, "Horrible Boomy Awfulness Day".  Mommy didn't take any pictures, but imagine a lovely day of lapsitting and a thunderstorm that drove everyone to cuddle together on (or semi-under) the couch. 

Yesterday's visit was different:

There was some lapsitting, but mainly to escape the big dogs and the small, redheaded boy who kept picking me up and putting me on his mom's lap (the mom was nice).  As usual, I refused to eat my food in hopes of being given something better.  Pretty much all I got was bread.  Hmmph.

Auntie Edit was mostly busy cooking, and even before that she was cuddling Jeremy (!):

or this guy:

who can't even go out into the yard to potty by himself.  Disappointing.  And Daddy, well he was the worst:

I'm barely speaking to him today.

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