Saturday, April 25, 2015


Human toes are weird, right?  No claws to dig or to provide traction when you're running fast.  Only those flimsy nails.  Mommy's nails change colors, which is totally strange.

My toes are great!  They have lovely toe pads, claws and floof.  The downside to the floof is that it collects seeds and stickers.  Boo!  Otherwise, the floof helps keep the pads nice and warm when it's cold or wet out.  Important. 

Here's a picture of my toes:

Hahaha!  That's Jeff's toe.  You know how you can tell?  I have curly floof but his is straight and his toe pads are rounder.  Otherwise, our toes are similar.

Kitty has great toes, too.  Her claws are magic!  They stick out when she wants to scratch somebody and then **poof** they're gone!  She also has some serious floof.  See?

They look so soft...but don't be lulled by that pretend softness because MAGIC CLAWS.

Thank you for reading my dissertation on toes.