Thursday, July 23, 2009


My trainer told me I am getting chubby. I take that as a compliment, but Mommy explained I've been eating more regular food and none of Jeremy's, which is low fat. It's made me gain some weight. I'm not too concerned, but Mommy said she'd give me a little less food each day. So far I haven't noticed the difference, especially today because we got kitty food. I do know that Daddy loves me no matter what.


  1. Dear Pixie,

    You are becoming fat precisely because Mommy spoils you with cat food treats, which are very high-calorie. To read more about this, click on this link:

    Here is the pertinent paragraph:
    "Cat diets are made primarily of meat and meat products, so in the long run they can be too rich for dogs and can cause digestive problems. They are also denser in calories than dog diets, so they can lead to obesity in dogs. Because of the additional fat and calories, cat food often tastes better to dogs than dog food does, so you may have to keep an eye on your dog to make sure he doesn't indulge in the kitty kibbles."

    Sad to say, Pixie dear, that fat doggies go to visit the Mean Vet more often than slim doggies. That means they smell like the Vet's Office and they get poked and prodded! Ooh, ouch, oh! So my advice to you is to turn up your nose at anything that is not diet doggie food.

    Love from your Librarian Auntie.

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  3. Look, Mommy gives me a very healthy diet. She lets me eat a tablespoon or so of wet cat food (which, if you haven't read the label lately, has lots of fillers in it, just like most commercial pet foods, so it's really not that high in fat. Not, perhaps, the best choice, but it's a small amount). My regular diet is expensive, well-made, and very good for me. It's much better than what most people feed their pets. Not only is Mommy also a librarian, she worked at an all-natural pet supply store for some time. Please stop treating her like she is a bad parent. That is mean.