Friday, July 24, 2009

The Vet

Yesterday I got to go on a special car ride, just me and Mommy. She took me to a nice building in the heights but once I got inside the door I could smell that I was at The Vet. Not the nice vet where she takes Jeremy and Auntie Chiv works there and there's a nice guy who calls Jeremy "Mr. J." This is the vet where I go to get SHOTS.

I played a little in the lobby. My choices were a white boxer puppy (pretty big) and a pit bull (huge). I tried to work up the courage to join their play date, but I decided to sit on Mommy's lap instead.

Then the guy came to get us. He gave me a pill and then started sticking things up my butt. Weirdo. Then the doctor came in and started making jokes, but I was in no mood. He gave me shots in my hip and then stuck a needle in my neck and started sucking out my blood. Hey! That's my blood!

By this time I was ready to go home, so Mommy took me back to the lobby. While she was busy paying, I played with a very nice man and a little bit with the pit bull. Then two other dogs came in. One wanted to play but the other one kept growling at me. I don't understand why some dogs don't want to play!

After we got home, Mommy let me and Jeremy out in the backyard. I had to get that awful vet smell off of me but then Mommy got mad and I had to take a bath.

Still, better than smelling like the vet all day.

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