Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aunties and Cousins

Auntie Kimmer and Auntie Amy came to visit for Thanksgiving. That's the holiday where everyone comes over and Auntie Kate makes turkey. Sometimes we get a little bit and for that we are truly grateful.

During their visit, the aunties and Mommy went out to look at birds.

I prefer chasing birds, but that's probably why I had to stay home. They also some some other animals, like a lizard

and some coyote(?) poop.

I think that coyotes are my cousins but I haven't ever seen one in dog, so I'm not 100% sure.


  1. Dear Pixie, I'm sure that we would have enjoyed your company on the fine walk, but we wouldn't have seen (m)any birds. I had forgotten about little-lizzie-sighting, but I remember the big lizzies.
    --Auntie Kimmer

  2. That's okay. I get to see birds almost every weekend at the waterhole and I got to chase 2 squirrels today on my walk.