Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Mommy had her birthday this weekend.

On Saturday night a bunch of friends came over and ate cake while wearing silly hats. I was having a great time playing with the kids and eating snacks until Daddy made me wear a hat. Hats are not for dogs!


  1. Dear Pixie,
    It looks like your parents really know how to party!

    Cake is the best food ever, especially if it is tuna-cake or salmon-cake or crab-cake. My mommies prefer something called choco-cake but they never share that with me. Sigh.

    My mommy Amy had her birthday this week but all I got was a bath. Bummer.

  2. Dear Choice, that is so sad. I don't understand why Mommy laughed when she read that. Baths are the worst thing ever.

  3. Dear Pixie,
    Baths are more fun when it's a do-it-yourself thing with the furry tongue and all, but Mommy Kim doesn't like my spit-baths, so... she makes Mommy Amy torture me every other week. The good part is that afterwards I am allowed to sit in my cage with the heat on full blast, and I sulk. Oh, and I give myself a full spit-bath again, so there!
    I cannot believe your parents don't wash you all the time. You are so lucky.