Friday, March 11, 2011

Hard Times

No pictures today because I am too tired and sad. Daddy has been working non-stop for two weeks now and I am ready for him to slow down and take a nap with me. It's hard to nap alone! Right now I'm lying on one of his shirts, which he left here so I wouldn't forget how he smells. I want the real daddy back!


  1. xxx: here are some hugs, Pixie! Hope Daddy stays home to nap with you soon.

  2. Oh Pixie! That *is* sad. I hope your daddy is making his boss-man veery happy, so that he gets a big bonus later this year, and can take you and mommy and rosie and jeremy and twiggy and annika all out for TREATS!

    And if you need other cuddlies, come visit us. My mommies have lots of cuddles available.