Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spa Day

Daddy gave me a haircut today.

I hate haircuts because the clippers are so loud and buzzy.

Then, when I was all done and my golden locks a sad pile on the floor, Mommy scooped me up for a bath. My shampoo smells great but my favorite part of the bath is rolling in the towels afterward. Now I am all clean.

Jeremy was very happy he did not have to have a haircut and bath today.

Rosie was too.

Twinkie slept through the whole thing.


  1. Dear Pixie, how gorgeous you look!

  2. Dear Pixie,
    Yes, you look cute: I like that cut on you. Jeremy certainly has a s**t-eating grin, doesn't he? And Rosie looks so happy to be part of the family.

    I killed a mouse last night, so I bet my mommy will want to bathe me (and brush my teeth!!) Real Soon Now.

    Love, your cuz, Choice