Sunday, March 20, 2011

To Work

We all drove to work with Daddy today. Mommy walked us around the parking lot but there wasn't much there. Daddy's office is pretty boring, except for the kitchen, but we weren't allowed in there (it smelled like pizza). No pictures because it was mostly riding in the car for an hour each way. After that, though, Daddy and I took a long nap. Feeling refreshed!


  1. Was that fun for you, Pixie? My mommy took me for a looong ride in the car on Friday so that Dr Chris could look at my teeth. It was not fun At All. I've been stiff ever since - but at least my mommies know my teeth are in good shape! And maybe now they will play with me more to make up for that all day car ride. Maybe.

  2. Yes, it was fun. No one tried to look at my teeth! We also got to go for a walk in the afternoon so my stiff legs could stretch.