Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cousins Are Here!

Mommy promised they would come and they finally did! Already today we've gone for a walk, I got some dropped hamburger and Auntie Jill gave me lots of pets.

Rosie is also having a good time because she gets to lick this guy all she wants.


  1. Dear Pixie,
    I am glad you are having fun with your human cousins. I must warn you to be on the lookout for the little guy, though, because he gets overly enthusiastic (or wound up, as my mommies like to say) and then he is Hard to Control.
    I suggest that you get everyone to go to a big park where you can run around and around and tire those cousins out. Make them chase you! All of the adults will LOVE you even more when the childrens fall asleep.
    Rock solid advice from your furry cuz, Choice.

  2. Deacky-Ducky is the greatest! Logan is more reserved, so good for cuddly naps when Deacon wears you out. Love, Auntie Baa-Baa