Friday, April 13, 2012

Rosie Post

Today's guest post is written by Rosie. She is mostly blind, so please excuse the typos. --Pixie

hello, intetnats! myname is rosie. i love to apark at the huamns becauase they'er not fast aneough when i want to go ouatside. still, i love m peeoples and my doggies and even thekitty, o r at least her butt. it smells delicoius.

i have a vvest friend, Kelly , and a best dog friend, lulu. They live next adooor and i love to ick thei r faces .

OK this typing os hard so I'll let PIxise put a picture in of me writing this for you. enjoy!


  1. Dear Pixie,
    Please share this important info with Rosie: stay away from Kitty's delicious-smelling butt. Kitty does not want anyone to sniff her rear end. That is just totally rude and may be enough for Kitty to lock all of you doggos out of the house for good. (Also: do not underestimate Kitty's intelligence. She is extremely clever.)
    How do I know all of this? Simple. I am a cat. Shocking, but true...
    Your cuz, Choice

  2. Dear Rosie,
    What a lovely entry. Thanks to Pixie for letting you guest-post.
    love, your auntie Baa Baa

  3. Dear Choice, I will tell Rosie, but I doubt she'll listen. She's pretty stubborn.