Monday, March 23, 2015


Looking out the window is one of my favorite past times.  There are lots of people and animals to entertain me.  Sometimes I fall asleep, and that's pretty great too.

Here's my general posture, in case you want to emulate my style:

Practical, with a stylish curl of the tail!

Here's another of my head, turned to look outside:

I wish Mommy would pull up the blinds.  They obstruct the view!

Here's how it looks from above:

You can see that I am lying on both the couch and the platform of the kitty condo.  I'm thinking about patenting this style.  It's pretty advanced, so don't try it without proper spotting.


  1. Dear Pixie, I am unable to practice this with a stylish curl of the tail, as I am without a tail altogether, and anyway could never be as stylish as you. I will try to emulate you all the same, in my human-challenged manner. Love, Auntie Baa Baa

  2. Dear Auntie, you might try tying a scarf around your waist. You're welcome in advance!