Thursday, January 29, 2015

Floofy Sleep

Some people need beauty sleep, but I need floofy sleep.  Since I'm a poodle, I have curlicue hair that gets old-lady-perm-frizzy in the rain.  Eek! 

Today I'm having a good hair day, though.  Mommy tucked me into my blankie for morning naptime.

She took a close up of my beautiful curly head (giving her side eye because, hello, I'm trying to get my Floofy Sleep!):

She also got my foot curls, which are the bestest.  They do get lots of plants caught in them but I just chew them up when I get home.

Hmm, looks like I might be due for a mani-pedi!


  1. Today I finally got enough floofy sleep myself, Pixie! Did you get your nails trimmed yet?

  2. I did get my nails trimmed today and so did Jeff Buckley. Mommy is the meanest!