Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Whenever Mommy vacuums the living room, she picks up all our toys and puts them in the toy basket.  I get very nervous about this because what if they don't come back out?  However, she does it week after week.  And week after week, I pull them back out, sometimes choking myself to get at a particularly needed toy.

Since Jeff came along, the floor to toy ratio has gone way down.  I used to just get out a few toys and play with them all week long, but Jeff prefers to pull out every single toy.   Subsequently, our room ends up like this:

Clearly, Jeff and I are waiting for Mommy to throw some dang toys for us in this photo.  She decided that taking the picture was more important. 


  1. Pixie, it's very funny that each of you have different toy styles!

  2. Jeff likes all the balls. I only like stuffed toys! Ball are stupid.