Sunday, August 30, 2009

Attention, please!

I've been trying so hard lately to get a little attention from Mommy.

If she's at home, she's busy working. Most of the time she's at work or out somewhere else, like the A/V swap or a funeral or buying litter for the pigs or running. I'm tired of it! I demand more attention, and so does Annika.

I'm protesting by not giving her the time of day and sleeping with Daddy. So there.


  1. Dear Pixie,
    I am sorry to hear that your Mommy had to attend a funeral. Those are never fun times. Mommy will probably need a nuzzle from you. Please advise, when you are able, who died. Also advise as time permits how the new school year is going.
    My Mommies are busy with vegetables and church, except they call the church people Friends with a capital F. All the vegetable scraps have brought racoons to our yard! I *like* that!!
    Love from your cousin,
    Choice the Kitty

  2. Hi, Choice! Mommy's school year is going well. She loves doing experiments with all of her kids and helping them in the library. The funeral was for somebody Daddy worked with. Please send pictures of the raccoon.
    love, Pixie