Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cuddling 101

Cuddling is a very important part of being a dog. Some dogs do not seem to know how to do it correctly. The key thing is to be very, very close to the person or dog you're cuddling.

You'll see that Jeremy is lying so that Daddy can easily pet his head. If he wanted his butt scratched, he'd position himself differently.

Lying on your co-cuddler isn't necessary, as you'll see in this side-cuddle position I've adopted.

Remember, stay photogenic. The cuter you are, the more cuddling you'll get. Jeremy is a champion!

Pixie, PhD*

*poodle hugging diva

1 comment:

  1. Jeremy has obviously been practicing for a Long Time, but don't worry, Pixie, I am certain you will develop fabu cuteness powers soon.

    Meanwhile, I hasten to warn you that PhD does NOT stand for "poodle hugging diva" -- no indeed! I have it on good authority, as my gorgeous wife works in academia, that PhD is an acronym (that's ack-row-nim) for "pretty huge dick" and it is not a compliment. I'm just sayin'. Love, Auntie Amy.