Sunday, August 9, 2009


We get fed twice each day. We used to have food out, but Jeremy got chubby and also we eat different foods. Mommy or Daddy measure our food and make us sit nicely before we eat. Sometimes they forget to feed us on time but we are usually polite and wait until they remember. They never let us go hungry!

We like to get extra snacks and the best place to get those is underneath a small person. Yesterday, our cousin was over and I got a bit of kolache sausage that she dropped. I heard Mommy telling her not to feed us from the table so I know she dropped it by accident. That's the nice thing about small people--they are clumsy!


  1. annika hiding something from the doggies-by mileena

  2. I was reading the Pixie Press to Mileena who then insisted on writing "something" about Annika and the doggies.-Adela

  3. Hmm, I wonder what Annika is hiding. I want it!