Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of Pixie

5:30. Mommy's phone beeps and she wakes up Daddy. I refuse to get out of bed until Mommy or Daddy make me so they can make the bed.
6:15. Walk. I love looking for chicken bones, nuts, or anything else that might be food. It's also great to sniff who was out earlier and see what they had for dinner. I don't believe in staying on one side--if I see or smell something great, I'm on it! I whine at each and every dog, squirrel and bird I see. I want them to know they're my friends!
6:30. Breakfast. Jeremy scarfs his down but I like to take my time. Sometimes we also get leftover kitty food. Yum!
7:00. Try to get some play time in before Mommy and Daddy disappear.
7:30-4:30. Sleepytime. We take breaks to bark at the mailman, squirrels, and anyone else who comes near the house.
4:30. Mommy comes home. Usually she lays down on the bed so we can play. This is a picture of me playing.

4:45. Walk. See above, although it's usually hotter and we're ready to get home for drink.
5:30. Dinner.
6:30. I try to be around while Mommy is cooking in case she needs me to clean up. There is a risk of getting stepped on, but I've found it's worth it because she is very clumsy.
7:00. During dinner, I like to sit quietly and stare at Mommy and Daddy. If something falls from their plates, I have to get it before Jeremy does. Mommy calls me a shark because I circle around their feet.
7:30-bedtime. I get in as much playtime as possible.
Bedtime. I'm ti-ti and need to curl up between Mommy and Daddy on the bed. If they make me move, I just wait a few minutes and crawl back to my spot. Sometimes Daddy covers me up and I sleep all night. My favorite dreams involve squirrels and chicken bones, although the ones about giant feet trying to stomp me are scary! If I have a bad dream, Mommy wakes me up and cuddles me.
5:30. A new day begins!

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