Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm a very sociable dog and I have many friends. In fact, I consider each and every dog I see to be a potential friend. I don't care if you're growling, barking, trying to edge away from me, I think we could be BFFs! My at-home BFF is Jeremy. Jeremy is old and crotchety, but he still plays with me and walks with me at least twice a day. I have three other BFFs: Bunny (see my first post for a pic); Snow, who lives down the street and comes to stay pretty often; and Austin. Here's me and Austin resting up after a play session.

It's very important to have friends because sometimes Mommy and Daddy get tired of throwing Clifford, Pink Doggy and Lobsty for me to bring back. Jeremy, as I mentioned, is old and only wants to play sometimes. I would like to play ALL of the time! Hence, friends. Whenever Bunny, Snow or Austin come to visit, we run around for hours, chasing each other and playing tug with my toys. Usually we have to play with my rope toys because some of my friends, ahem, you know who you are, like to chew up my nice toys. We also run around outside. There are lots of fun things to eat outside, some of them try to crawl away or fly away so that is waaaaay more exciting.

More on the subject of friends tomorrow!

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