Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guest Post

Hello, furred ones. I, Annika, write this epistle from atop my ivory tower (I jest not, my "kitty condo" is off-white and quite high). Pixie requested my help with her web log, or "blog", as she was busy destuffing. At least, I believe that is what she meant when she said, "Cahhnphewwsttypth?" Yes, you brain behemoth, I type approximately 60 wpm. It would be faster, if they would simply make the keys bigger so I didn't push hit than one at a time.

All particulars aside, I'd like to remark on the events of the day. Firstly, it rained. If you do not live in these environs, you may not realize that rain has neglected us of late, so much so that I have remained indoors, not caring to enter the 107 degree heat when the grass is so dessicated it cuts my tender paws like glass spikes sticking up from an overly baked pan of brownies. Bravo, Rain!

Secondly, the white man who used to be black has passed on to Ceiling Cat. While I enjoyed twitching my tail to his catchy tunes, I found the man's physiognomy disturbing. His parents may have mistreated him as a boy, but this is no reason for malevolent behavior and self-destruction (or self-construction, if you're a positivist).

It is now time for my mid-evening nap, so I bid you adieu, until the next canine innard annihilation emergency.


  1. Annika, are you not also observing the passage to Ceiling Cat of the white woman with fluffy hair who played a servant to Ceiling Cat?

  2. Well, yes, I do love to watch reruns of Charlie's Angels...I always thought Charlie could have been played by a feline.